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Crash the Barrier
Do you want to boost your confidence in speaking English?

The challenge starts on August 15, 2022.

What is Crash the Barrier?

On-the-go English
Everything happens in your Instagram stories and chats. Forget about commuting: wherever you are, if you have internet access, you can study.
Daily challenges
Every day we have tasks where you need to practice real-life English. It can be sending a voice message to your buddy or leaving a review on Google maps.
Speaking partners
We connect you with another learner from a different country so you can have lots of practice during and maybe even after the challenge.
Group chats
Every day you communicate with other learners and a tutor in a group chat. Doing this together is a powerful way to stay motivated.
Challenge Tasks
August 15-21, 2022
August 15
August 15
Leave a review on Google Maps
Meet your group
Meet your tutor
Meet your buddy
August 16
August 16
Follow 3 new English-speaking profiles on Instagram
and leave 3 comments in English
August 17
August 17
Record a voice message
and send to one of these profiles you've found
August 18
August 18
Ask a question in the comments
under a post on Instagram and answer your buddy’s question
August 19
August 19
Have a call with your buddy
and reconstruct a story together.
You can also record voice messages for each other in case you won't be available for a call this day.
August 20
August 20
Call a local restaurant
and ask in English if they have a special deal for birthday people.
August 21
August 21
Go live on your Instagram
or send a video message to the group chat
and tell everyone what the weather is like at your place

How It Works

1. We add you to close friends on our Instagram account @cheevo.io.
2. Every day in our stories you'll find a task to practice English and examples from native speakers showing how they would do it
3. You're also invited to join Cheevo Chat to share your experience and be inspired by Cheevo Friends.
4. You can take part in Cheevo Speaking Club session via ZOOM on August 21, Sunday.

3 random people that submit all the tasks get a gift: Cheevo credits for future courses and challenges!
Hi, I'm Anna, your English teacher!
Cheevo founder
I'm an English teacher with 10 years of experience covering pretty much everything from private tutoring to working in a British international school.

And now I'm bringing English in an easy and joyful way through online courses on Instagram. See you in the challenge!

Who Is It For?

You feel stress and anxiety when you have to use English and want to get rid of these feelings
You want to find a buddy to practice English
You love Instagram, but want to spend your time there in a more meaningful way
You want to practice English every day in real-life situations


Do you have a question? We have the answer!
Do you have money back guarantee?
Sure! If you don’t like the challenge and decide to leave the group, you’ll get your money back.

You have nothing to worry about, just try it out!
Which level of English do I need?
It doesn’t matter what level you are at! You can start practicing from day one of your learning and you still might need practice and an extra punch being an advanced speaker. We will make sure your buddy is at the same level as you for you to take the most out of the challenge.
What do I need to start learning?
You need to have an internet connection and an Instagram account. That's it!
Get the best learning experience with Cheevo
August 15-21, 2022

Special discount for early-birds until August 7

  • Daily challenges in Instagram stories
  • Practicing English with a language buddy
  • Zoom-party to celebrate your progress
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