Learn English Better
One-on-one language coaching from Anna (@cheevo.io) for motivated, goal-oriented people who take their progress in English seriously.
10 one-on-one online lessons
I like working with committed students, so that’s why I only offer one-on-one lessons in packages.

  • You get 10 one hour long online lessons
  • We build individual study plan for you
  • I find materials that you’ll enjoy
  • I prepare and check personalized homework for each lesson
The package costs $400.
You also get on-going support from me: I answer all your questions in the chat, give you as much short tasks as you want, encourage you to send me voice messages in English every day and so on.

You study as hard and as much as you want and I will help you with it.
We start with a trial
If you think this is something you want, we’ll have a trial lesson (30 minutes). It costs $10 and we will first talk about your level, your goals, how you like to learn and what does and does not work for you.
You can buy a full 10-lesson package or just a trial lesson first where you'll check whether it's for you. After you finish the purchase, contact me on Instagram and we will schedule your lesson.
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