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Shape up your English speaking skills.

Deliver confident, polished talks right on Telegram. All you need is 15 minutes a day.
I want to...
  • be fluent and clear
  • deliver brilliant presentations in English
  • impress my international friends with stories
  • pass interviews or speaking test in English easily
YES! Cheevo English Gym is for you! 👍
On-the-go way to enhance your English
waiting in a line, during your lunch break, while your baby is having a nap
Learn right on your Telegram

Train in your own pace with our Telegram bot who will be your best English buddy

Prepare a one-minute talk
We will guide you along the way providing language tips and native examples

Get personal feedback

Our tutors will help you feel awesome about your English and sound natural

Get better and better🏋️‍♂️
with every talk you record
  • It's easy to stay on track
    Notifications right on your Telegram will help you stay motivated day after day to achieve great results
  • We use gamification to boost your motivation
    Learning English can be more enjoyable and engaging - you'll be surprised at how motivated you'll feel!
  • English that's tailored to your needs
    With our bot, you get the hottest topics to learn and talk about. You decide how many talks you want to record - one every day or one every week. Your own pace, your own style!

Built to perform your English muscle

Private Lessons
Cheevo Gym
Study anywhere
Practice at your own pace
Personalized feedback on your speech
Smart algorithm that suggest the best topics for you
Habit building
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to help you develop and polish your English communication skills
  • Anna
    Co-Founder & Education Enthusiast

    Anna's always on a hunt to find the best practices and people to help you feel awesome when speaking English and be understood.

    She is based in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Kat
    Content creation and planning

    After more than ten years in the fashion industry in New York City, Kat decided to move abroad..

    She currently lives in Madrid and is a business communication coach for non-native English speaking professionals.
  • Tasmin
    Personalised feedback

    Tasmin listens to your voice messages with care and love and gives you tips on how to sound more natural.

    She is a professional English teacher from England with more than five years of experience. She currently lives in Indonesia.
  • Diana
    Content creation and posting

    Diana is a magician who makes Kat's and Anna's plans into your Telegram workouts.

    She is a young English teacher from Ukraine.
  • Jen
    Co-Founder & Marketing Guru

    Jenny makes sure you find us and don't miss your opportunity to become fluent in English and fulfil your potential.

    She lives in Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Ilya
    Co-Founder & Tech Wizard

    Dealing with payments and emails is something Ilya is brilliant at. He is the reason we have this web page and can introduce ourselves.

    He lives in Zurich, Switzerland
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