Learn English in Telegram

We created a chat bot for movie lovers who want to improve their English
How the game works
You are just texting with different charters from the movie by selecting replies. Your choices affect the story so be careful!
Advanced words
When you get some advanced words and phrases, there will be a special card to help you learn them. We will send you a word meaning together with a video, gif or a funny picture so you won't forget it.
Not a boring book
No matter how you like learning, we have it: texts, audio, video, images and even memes!
Test yourself
In the end of each episode there will be a little quiz for you to test yourself.

Why do you need to try The Bot of Wall Street?

Truly immersive
The story depends on your choices. You become a character of your favourite movie and follow the way of the Wolf.
Build a habit
15 minutes a day for 14 days. With this, learning will become a habit.
It's serious
150 advanced words and phrases from the Wolf of Wall Street movie. It's a lot, but we believe in you.
Real-life language
The dialogues are based on the original movie script. After the course you can watch the movie and be surprised how much you understand now.

Epic price

1 day free
The first day of the course is available to everyone so you can try it out
$ 15
The full game is cheaper than a single English lesson online
Money back
We will return the money if you don't like the course, no questions. If you are not happy, we are not happy.
Our Students Love Us
Study English like never before
We are ready to start right now.
Are you?
Any questions?
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